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Extending Apollo Router

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What you'll learn

Apollo Router is a high-performance GraphQL routing layer for supergraphs. It is also much easier to customize than its predecessor, Apollo Gateway. While it is written in Rust for performance, most of its core functionality such as header propagation and caching can be configured in YAML. More custom functionality is available through Rhai scripting or coprocessors, which can be written in the language of your choice.

In this session, you will learn what’s possible with Apollo Router’s extensibility model and how to decide which option will work best for various requirements. We also share tips on how to bootstrap your Apollo Router development environment and experience.

Required skills and understanding: GraphQL, Apollo Federation

  1. How the Apollo Router handles incoming GraphQL requests and its general underlying architecture

  2. What Apollo Router configuration options are available out-of-the-box and when to use them

  3. When to consider extending the functionality of Apollo Router, what options are available for doing so, and how to choose the right approach for specific use cases

  4. Handling common scenarios like header manipulation, client enforcement, and redacting errors using RHAI

Meet the speakers

Tushar Bhushan
Sr. Solutions Architect

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