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Streamline GraphQL Schema Design and Development with Apollo GraphOS 

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What you'll learn

Platform engineering teams at leading companies like Netflix, Adobe, and others use GraphQL and Apollo Federation to build resilient, developer-friendly API platforms. But developers contributing to these platforms are typically distributed across multiple teams, making it difficult to take advantage of traditional change management workflows that application teams use across a particular codebase.

Apollo makes it easy for any number of teams to better collaborate and contribute to a supergraph with GraphOS Schema Proposals – a new centralized change management workflow in GraphOS Studio that streamlines the process of proposing, reviewing, and approving schema changes to a supergraph.

In this session, we explore how platform engineering teams can leverage GraphQL to drive developer efficiency, and we’ll demo how you can use GraphOS Schema Proposals to operationalize schema design, review, and implementation.

  1. How federated GraphQL enables platform engineering teams to build a self-serve API platform

  2. How Apollo GraphOS can help your team operationalize delivering a federated graph

  3. How to leverage GraphOS Schema proposals to streamline federated schema design, review, and implementation

Meet the speakers

Vivek Ravishankar
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Apollo GraphQL
Parul Schroff
Sr. Staff Product Manager

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