2. Follow-along: GraphOS Explorer

What is GraphOS Explorer?

GraphOS Explorer is a powerful web IDE for creating, running, and managing .

We can access it through , which doesn't require an account. Sandbox loads a running 's schema. Like the one we're about to explore!

Follow-along: Apollo Sandbox

  1. Head over to : https://studio.apollographql.com/sandbox/explorer

  2. Connect to the API by pasting your project's routing URL in the top left, right next to "Sandbox". Press enter, or click out of the box.

When Sandbox has connected succesfully, you'll see the input light turn green!


Explorer tour

The Explorer consists of three main panels we'll be working with. Let's go over each of them one-by-one.

  • Documentation: Where you can browse your API's schema easily.


    The documentation panel in Explorer, highlighted in pink.

  • Operation: Where you write your . You can type it in directly, use Explorer's autocomplete, or add from the Documentation panel. Click the blue button to run your .

The operation panel in Explorer, highlighted in pink.

  • Response: Where you can view your response data after running a , in JSON or table view.

The response panel in Explorer, highlighted in pink.

That's it for the guided tour—let's actually try it out!


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