10. Follow-along: Schema publish

Follow-along: Schema publish

Goal: Finish the process of making changes to the by publishing the updated schema.

  1. In a terminal window, paste in the rover subgraph publish command. Make sure you replace the parameters with your own values.

    rover subgraph publish poetic-plates-supergraph@main \
    --name recipes \
    --schema schema.graphql

    If all goes well, we should see the terminal output with a message confirming that the has been published and the has been updated!

  2. Navigate to the Launches page. Click on the latest in the list.


    The Studio Launches page showing the results of the latest launch

  3. Let's try running the same from last time.

    query GetRecipeTimes {
    randomRecipe {

    The still runs and comes back successfully, but we get a warning in the Explorer (that yellow squiggly line!) that prepTime has been deprecated and not to use it anymore.

Our launch was successful! 🎉 We've made changes to our supergraph!

Check your understanding

Which of the following information can you find in a GraphOS launch?

Demo: Integrating into CI/CD

We recommend integrating the & publishing process into your CI/CD pipelines.

(Optional) If you'd like to see how to do this yourself with GitHub Actions, check out Lesson 6 of GraphOS: Safe API delivery.


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