13. Exercise: Add a subgraph

🎯 Goal: Add the kitchenware .

You can find the Kitchenware API at this endpoint: https://poetic-plates-kitchenware-api.herokuapp.com/.

API endpoint
Subgraph name

Stuck? Check out the solution below ⬇️

Which of the following situations triggers a launch in GraphOS?
Which of the following types were added to the supergraph after adding the kitchenware subgraph?
You can also add a new subgraph to the supergraph using Rover. Which of the following commands would you need to use?

After sucessfully adding the kitchenware , try adding another subgraph. Use the values below:

Routing URL
Subgraph name
Which of the following statements below are correct?

After successfully adding the kitchenware , let's run a few queries with Explorer!

query GetRandomRecipeAndAllCookware {
randomRecipe {
allCookware {

To view the , click the dropdown arrow beside "Response" and select "Query Plan Preview".

Which of the following statements are true about the query plan for the query above?

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