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Custom domains

Use a custom subdomain for your cloud router endpoint

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To interact with your , clients send requests to your 's endpoint. The custom domains feature lets you replace the default router endpoint URL with your own subdomain.

Custom domains can help to:

  • Minimize client-side changes
  • Use your existing CORS policies and security controls
  • Protect your from DDoS attacks
  • Provide TLS termination to your s

How custom domains work

Custom domains use

to point requests made to your subdomain to your router endpoint URL. Custom domains run on
global network.

Custom domains setup

Setup includes two steps:

  1. Setting up a CNAME record in your DNS provider.
  2. Opening a ticket with Apollo support to enable your CNAME.


Custom domains will be available through self-service in later in 2024. In the meantime, you must open a support request to enable your CNAME with Apollo.

Setup a CNAME

Create a CNAME record in your DNS provider that points to your Dedicated 's

. For example, create a CNAME for that points to

You can find your Dedicated variant's subdomain in

on the Cloud Router page under API Endpoint.

A cloud router's endpoint displayed on the Cloud Router page in GraphOS Studio


CNAME records are assigned at the variant level, so you must set up a separate CNAME record for each variant that requires a custom domain.

Using an existing CNAME

If you already have a CNAME record for the custom domain you want to use,

before making any changes. We'll guide you through remapping from a different host to the subdomain.

Open a support ticket

Next, open a support ticket requesting Apollo to enable your new CNAME. You can open a ticket by clicking the ? icon in the top right of

and selecting Contact Support.

Requesting a new CNAME in GraphOS Studio

Your request may take up to two business days to process. Apollo will notify you when your new CNAME is live.


The custom domains feature doesn't support the following:

  • Apex records
    A records
  • Multiple custom domains per variant
  • Load balancing traffic across multiple variants
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