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Migrate to Dedicated

Learn what to consider when migrating to a Dedicated cloud router

Cloud is currently in invite-only preview. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to request access or have any questions or feedback.

supports self-hosted and cloud graphs, each recommended for different use cases. You may want to migrate to a cloud in these scenarios:

GraphOS offers two tiers of cloud routing: and Dedicated. This guide focuses on considerations when migrating to Dedicated. Refer to this router comparison to learn about the differences.


Dedicated currently support all premium router features except for safelisting with persisted queries, automatic persisted queries, and offline licenses. Support for both features is on the roadmap.

Migrating from @apollo/gateway

use the same Apollo Router Core binary that you can self-host. Therefore, migrating from @apollo/gateway entails migrating to the . Refer to the Gateway migration guide for tips.

Router customizations

The GraphOS Router supports a few avenues for customization:

  • Custom router binaries
  • Rhai scripting
  • External coprocessing

As a managed service, cloud routers don't support running custom binaries. Cloud routers don't currently support Rhai scripts, though support is on the roadmap. Therefore, you must migrate any customizations to external coprocessors or built-in router features to use cloud routing.

Built-in router features that you may have previously supported with customizations include:

See the GraphOS Router documentation for a full list of features.


Once your implementation is ready to run on the router, including customizations, you can follow the Dedicated quickstart to get started.

Pricing considerations

Cloud Dedicated pricing depends on throughput instead of volume. Refer to the Throughput guide to learn more.

When you no longer host your router, router-to- communication may be inter-region, inter-Availablity Zone (AZ), or egress traffic. Be aware of how your new network topology may affect your cloud costs.

Custom Domains
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