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Advanced GraphQL Schema Management with Apollo GraphOS and Apollo Federation

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GraphQL isn’t just ideal for frontend teams, it's quickly becoming a language adopted by API platform teams to drive developer velocity.

In this free, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to build, manage, monitor and safely scale federated GraphQL APIs with Apollo GraphOS and Apollo Federation.

Eve Porcello of Moon Highway walks through the APIOps workflows defined in Apollo GraphOS. She also shares real-world examples and best practices you can immediately apply to streamline schema management and foster cross-team collaboration at scale.

What you'll learn:

  1. Building a federated graph

  2. Schema governance and management

  3. GraphOS Schema Proposals

  4. Rover CLI

  5. Linting, composition, operation and contract checks

  6. Graph metrics and monitoring

  7. Organization management

Who should attend?

  • API and Enterprise Architects

  • Platform Engineers

  • API and App Developers

  • And, teams looking to efficiently scale federated GraphQL APIs

Meet the instructor

Eve Porcello
Software Engineering Instructor

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