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Apollo Federation

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What you'll learn

In this talk, Phil Prasek, Principal Product Manager at Apollo, shows how Apollo Federation enables the rapid delivery of cohesive app experiences across multiple teams and client devices at scale. As part of the session, Phil demos some of the recent improvements to the Federation user experience like the new Rover CLI, static supergraph composition in Apollo Gateway, Managed Federation with workflow improvements, and more. He also discusses some of the items coming up next on the Federation roadmap such as Gateway & Server performance improvements, Open Telemetry support for external observability, and additional ergonomic improvements to the Federation UX.

  1. How to enable rapid delivery of a cohesive UX across devices and teams at scale using a federated graph

  2. How to build a single Federated graph with static composition and schema checks in your CI pipeline

  3. What’s on the Federation roadmap: Gateway/Server performance improvements, Open Telemetry support, ergonomic improvements

Meet the speakers

Phil Prasek
Principal Product Manager

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