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End-to-End GraphQL Schema Management Best Practices

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What you'll learn

In today’s fast-paced development landscape, increasing developer velocity, building robust scalable platforms, and automating workflows are crucial. Leading organizations like Netflix and are leveraging GraphQL federation and Apollo GraphOS to standardize, automate and streamline schema management to ship features faster.

In this session, Lead Solutions Engineer, Michael Berger, will delve into how GraphQL simplifies data fetching, reduces boilerplate code, and fosters collaboration through a unified schema. The focus will be within the context of building a reusable and scalable API platform with automated management practices.

Learn proven GraphQL schema management best practices that empower developers to take a platform mindset to boost productivity and drive rapid innovation.

  1. How to apply a DevOps approach to managing and deploying GraphQL schemas and APIs at scale

  2. How to provide a centralized, collaborative and safe process for proposing, validating and implementing schema design changes

  3. How a federated GraphQL architecture empowers the independent development and deployment of APIs and microservices while providing a unified and consistent data experience for consumers.

Meet the speakers

Michael Berger
Lead Solutions Engineer

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