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GraphQL Summit Worldwide Keynote

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What you'll learn

From package managers for your favorite programming language to repositories for your code, developers have come to realize that we need a place to collaborate and gain insight into the software and systems we create. We want to know how things evolve, ensure changes to our graphs are safe and have been adequately tested.

At Apollo, we believe data graphs are no different, and that’s why we created the graph registry. The Registry provides a foundation for you as your team and graph grow. You shouldn’t have to deal with accidentally deploying breaking changes or exposing sensitive information about your graph to the public. It’s why we believe the Registry is the future, and we’re working to provide the services developers, teams, and companies of all sizes will need to be successful on their data graph journey.

  1. How schema registries are the future of collaboration for data graphs

  2. How Studio and it’s many features make collaborating around a more productive and reliable

  3. Registering graphs with Rover, a new CLI from Apollo that makes it easy to test and deploy your graph to Apollo Studio’s registry

  4. Designing schemas with Workbench, a new schema design tool built by the Solutions team at Apollo

Meet the speakers

Michael Watson
Developer Advocate

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