Graph & Brew: Escaping the re-platforming trap with the supergraph

Whether it’s moving to the next front-end platform like NextJS or SwiftUI, migrating from a monolith to microservices, or moving on-prem servers to serverless, the wheel of modernization spins faster and faster. Yet if all the hard-fought learnings and optimizations are built into the very platform layers we rewrite, each is lost and must be relearned again and again.

Join Amanda Hua, former champion of Rivian’s GraphQL program and Dan Boerner of Apollo as they discuss how to escape this trap with the supergraph — a way to capture and preserve the essential and hard fought truths of our products and business in a durable layer that survives and improves even as we modernize every part of our platforms. 

Meet the Speakers

Amanda Hua

Graph Champion, formerly @ Rivian

Dan Boerner

Field CTO, Apollo GraphQL

What you'll learn

How two champions of modernization learned to see the hidden costs of re-platforming

Why trends in employment and the increasing rate of modernization are raising these costs each year, robbing you of the time and attention to innovate

How to preserve the essential truths of your platform in a new layer that survives and grows with each round of modernization

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