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The Secret to Unlocking GraphQL at Scale

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What you'll learn

The promise of GraphQL is enticing – one API, one source of truth for all of your services, data, and capabilities. But how do you prevent it from becoming a bottleneck? How do you enable multiple teams to collaborate without slowing them down?

In this webinar, Lenny Burdette, Principal Solutions Architect at Apollo GraphQL, shared learnings from helping some of the world’s most advanced engineering teams build and scale their supergraphs.

  1. The benefits of adopting GraphQL

  2. How choosing a federated GraphQL architecture lets you build a supergraph that decouples front-end and back-end teams to go faster

  3. Best practices for safely evolving your supergraph and collaborating with other teams

  4. What’s next for GraphQL at scale

Meet the speakers

Lenny Burdette
Principal Solutions Architect

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