EVENTS/GraphQL Summit November 2021

GraphQL Summit

The Future of Apollo Federation

November 10|

Apollo Federation is an essential layer on top of your existing micro-services that provides a unified graph API for your apps to consume, enables service teams to deliver autonomously, and ensures safety with build-time static analysis.

Since we first released Federation, we’ve been thinking — “how can we make Federation more approachable for smaller teams, yet even more powerful for enterprise-scale graphs?” We’ve found the answer.

Join us on-demand for this deep dive session where we discussed and demoed exciting changes to Apollo Federation, designed in collaboration with Netflix, that make it even easier to build, use and scale your graph by making the simple things simple and the advanced things possible.

Meet the Speakers

Phil Prasek

Principal Product Manager, Apollo GraphQL

Stephen Spalding

API Engineer, Netflix

Tejas Shikhare

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

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