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Production readiness checklist

Use this checklist to identify potential gaps before your graph handles production traffic


We recommend that you read through this checklist and identify critical features for your team before your begins handling production traffic.

GraphOS Studio

  • Ensure that you've created multiple variants to represent the different environments where your runs (for example, production, staging, and development).
  • Protect your production variant to avoid accidental changes while working in Studio.

Apollo Router

  • Ensure that you've correctly configured managed federation and GraphOS schema usage reporting.
  • For security, turn off introspection for all production (by default the router disables , but make sure you are not using --dev mode).
    • You can continue to view and fetch your from and run from GraphOS Studio Explorer.
  • Configure the router traffic shaping features:
    • Set request and level timeouts and rate limits
    • Deduplicate requests
    • Communicate with using
  • Enable operation limits to block large and malicious requests
  • Configure additional tracing, metrics, and logging through OpenTelemetry or Prometheus
  • Enable the and distributed cache
  • Optionally, enable any other features deemed critical for your deployment of



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