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Tagged with “schema-design”

TitleLast updated
Contracts usage patterns2023-03-10
Demand oriented schema design2023-03-10
Designing response types2023-03-10
Errors as Data explained2023-06-22
Graph Identities2023-03-10
Mocking graph functionality to unblock client development2023-04-10
Namespacing by separation of concerns2023-03-10
Recommended usage for GraphQL interfaces2023-03-10
Relay-style connections and pagination FAQ2023-03-10
Schema deprecations2023-03-10
Schema naming conventions2023-10-03
Server-Driven UI Schema Patterns2023-03-10
Server-Driven UI and GraphQL2023-08-14
Supergraph stewardship2023-04-10
Thinking in entities2023-03-10