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Join us and work with smart, kind people across the globe. We’re a distributed team building transformational technology that empowers some of the world’s largest companies.

The place where you can do your best work

As a globally distributed company, it’s so important we all have the same north stars and use the same language. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our four company values; they guide how we hire, how we support each other, and how we work together:

Empowering others

We set each other up to do our best work. Nothing gets us more excited than helping unlock our teammates’ full potential. That’s what we try to do for our customers, and we mirror that internally with a transparent, collaborative environment. Good ideas can come from anywhere, and we can’t wait for you to join us and we can learn from you too.


Time, talents, connections, and our custodianship of the graph itself – these are our resources and we want to put them to their highest and best use. We focus on what matters, balance the impact of our decisions in the short and long term, and use that to drive action.


Care for our well-being is evident in everything we do. It’s how we approach both building our product and showing up for each other. True caring requires empathy, listening, and understanding with context. We channel this with our customers, our performance program, professional development, and each other.

Growth mindset

We name and face problems so we can grow, both personally and as a company. We cultivate a growth mindset that’s focused on learning and improving – one day at a time. We’re curious, we clarify, and we seek out feedback. And when problems arise (like they eventually do!), we seek to understand, find a solution, and learn for the future.

Innovation on a global scale.

Companies of every scale from startups to Fortune 500 trust Apollo and the supergraph to operate and collaborate on their mission-critical APIs.

Joey Melcher

Austin, TX

Jen Tyrseck

Stamford, CN

Jesse Rosenberger

Helsinki, FIN

Chauntay Lawson

Washington, D.C.

Daljit Summan

Peterborough, ENG

Perks & Benefits

Globally distributed company

No return-to-office for us. We believe in the strengths that come with being a globally distributed company. Our 220+ Apollonauts located in 10 countries and 13 time zones thrive on working from home, learning from each other, and avoiding long commutes and traffic jams (although that hike to the kitchen for snacks between meetings can be a real journey).  

Unlimited PTO

Whether it’s planning a vacation or taking some time to focus on your well-being, one thing matters to us: you have time to focus on you. Rest up, and make sure you share those travel pics when you get back.

*For our UK and Canada teammates, we also offer “unlimited PTO in practice” which folds in your country-specific nuances so you may share the benefits of taking vacation that is restful, rejuvenating, and individualized for your needs.

Full benefits package

We provide a variety of meaningful and competitive benefits based on whether you’re located in UK, Canada, or USA. When you go through the recruitment process, we’ll walk you through your country-specific package. No matter what life throws at you, rest assured that you and your family will be covered.

Parental leave

Welcoming a new child is going to change your world, and we want to be here to support you when you need it. We offer leave for birthing and non-birthing parents, and a personal leave specialist to guide you through the process.

Streamlined collaboration

Virtual “coffee chats”, tools that help us work as a distributed company, and a culture of documentation and global inclusivity ensure we stay connected and collaborate throughout the week.

Company Kickoff

We believe in building meaningful connections with each and every Apollonaut. Once a year, we get the whole team together for our annual Company Kickoff where we learn, align, and most importantly, build relationships with each other. We can’t wait to see you at the next one!

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