Customer Experience

Enhance your omnichannel customer experience

Harness the power of a federated GraphQL architecture powered by Apollo GraphOS to create a unified API experience that seamlessly connects data across all channels, accelerates omnichannel development, and delivers personalized experiences.

Power your CX innovation with Apollo 

  • Consistent user experiences

    Enable better consistency with a unified model for the data that is consumed by your applications.

  • Faster omnichannel development

    Accelerate development and easily add new channels on a single, unified API platform. 

  • Simplified personalization

    Deliver personalized customer experiences with flexible data retrieval, aggregation from multiple data sources, and capturing real-time updates. 

Why choose Apollo GraphOS? 

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Single Source of Truth

Support any number of interfaces

Streamline your API experience with Apollo GraphOS. Apollo’s federated GraphQL architecture enables seamless API composition, connecting disparate APIs into a unified endpoint. Frontend teams can effortlessly access and customize data across all channels, empowering them to build consistent customer experiences for websites, mobile apps, TVs, and tablets – all through a single, unified API.

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Innovate Faster

Shorten time-to-value

Excellent customer experience starts with superior developer experience. Apollo GraphOS enables frontend teams to work independently, decoupling from backend changes. Cultivate a culture of rapid experimentation and iteration by eliminating the friction between teams. Empower your teams to ship features faster and deliver engaging customer experiences that set you apart. 

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Personalized Experiences

Personalized engagement

Unlock personalized experiences across all channels with Apollo GraphOS. Harness the power of Apollo Federation and GraphQL's flexible querying to seamlessly integrate user preferences from diverse systems. From mobile apps to smart TVs, deliver tailored recommendations based on individual tastes, ensuring a captivating journey for every user.


Improve application performance 

Speed is revenue. Conversion rates are 3x higher on sites loading in just 1 second compared to those requiring 5 seconds.  

Make your site even faster and more reliable by adding GraphQL to your API stack. Reduce unnecessary network calls that slow your apps down. Apollo GraphOS makes GraphQL even faster with better observability tools and caching, boosting application performance at scale. 

Real customers. Real success

Bruce Wang

Bruce Wang

Director of Product Platform Systems team, Netflix

"In all our previous stacks, each individual UI built their own APIs. iOS had one API, Android had another API, TV had a different API, etc. we just couldn’t scale with the business anymore. Unifying those in a single federated GraphQL API was super valuable, and something we couldn't do before."

Tyler Fleck

Tyler Fleck

Director of User Experience, Expedia Group

“Trying out new ideas across all our clients without the need to make any client-specific changes speeds up the design and learning process, and ultimately leads to better customer experiences and outcomes.”

travel booking sites in 70+ countries
Stephan Lonntorp

Stephan Lonntorp

Senior Engineering Manager at Volvo Cars

“The supergraph is key to achieving our online sales goals because it makes data readily available for developers to use across our website, allowing us to show consistent information throughout the user journey on At the end of the day, that is what’s going to help us sell more cars.”

REST endpoints into one single source of truth
Marcelo Nalon

Marcelo Nalon

Staff Engineer at Globoplay

“[...] the federated architecture empowered us with the confidence to run experiments even if something went down with them, using strategies to gracefully degrade some pieces of the graph without impacting the critical pieces for the users’ experience.”

Faster experiments
Kenny McGarvey

Kenny McGarvey

GraphQL Tech Lead, Varo Bank

“The graph plays an integral part in how we build that trust with our customers. It’s the orchestration layer that allows us to build a best-in-class consumer experience, and it allows us to deliver that experience to our customers on their devices 24-7 so that they always have access to their money.”

Delivery velocity