Build better: Monolith to microservices with Apollo GraphOS

Apollo GraphOS simplifies API aggregation and orchestration when moving to a service-oriented architecture. By representing services with a unified GraphQL API platform instead of handwritten backends-for-frontends, API teams can support any number of client interfaces with less boilerplate code.

The API platform for the modern stack

  • Transition at your own pace

    Build a unified API composition layer that connects APIs across any cloud, orchestrator, platform, or protocol and easily orchestrates new and legacy services across clients.

  • Maximize developer efficiency

    Speed up feature delivery and safely migrate away from a monolith architecture with decoupled frontend and backend development. 

  • Reduce operational costs

    Maximize efficiency and lower operational expenses by minimizing extensive backend coding, and optimizing resource allocation through a modern, modular architecture. 

Why choose Apollo GraphOS?

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Architectural Freedom

Future-proof your API strategy

The GraphOS platform can meet you wherever you are on your modernization journey. Whether you are breaking up monolithic architectures into microservices or are looking to standardize and simplify workflows for distributed teams, the GraphOS platform empowers teams to use GraphQL to map data in a consistent and flexible way, regardless of who manages it and what kind of infrastructure or API protocol is working behind the scenes. 

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Innovate Faster

Boost developer velocity 

Apollo GraphOS enables frontend teams to work independently, decoupling from backend changes. Cultivate a culture of rapid experimentation and iteration by eliminating the friction between teams. Empower your backend teams to choose the best technologies and predictably migrate from monoliths, reducing tech debt without disrupting clients. Ship features faster and deliver engaging customer experiences that set you apart. 

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Reduce Costs

Reduce operational costs and overhead

Apollo GraphOS decouples the complexity of legacy systems by centralizing service aggregation and orchestration. By choosing a platform instead of handwritten backends-for-frontends, teams can minimize backend boilerplate code, simplify architecture, and boost scalability. Developers can now focus on innovation, optimizing efforts, and cutting costs.

Trusted by leading companies

Matt Sexton

Matt Sexton

Solutions Architect at

“We wanted to move from our monolithic architecture to a modern distributed architecture that allows us to deploy new features independently. When teams have more autonomy, the speed of delivery is greatly improved. We also want to ensure the consistency of data, access to that data, and treat all of our clients as if they are the same consumer of the same data.”

Faster ship time
Stephan Lonntorp

Stephan Lonntorp

Senior Engineering Manager at Volvo Cars

“We want our entire business on the supergraph because we think it’s better than those dusty old REST API’s. We wouldn’t have an accurate online shopping experience without the supergraph.”

REST endpoints into one single source of truth
Sundar Siva

Sundar Siva

Sr. Director Of Engineering, Varo

“With Varo Bank, we had the opportunity to build a brand new tech stack from scratch. We knew we had to go with GraphQL and Apollo Federation. There’s no other viable solution for composable architectures at scale.”

Delivery velocity