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March 9

Deep Dive into Schema Design Best Practices

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What you'll learn

A well-designed schema is the foundation of any successful GraphQL API, and it’s even more essential when multiple teams collaborate together on a supergraph using Apollo Federation.

Tech Talk: Schema Design Best Practices with Apollo Federation

March 9th at 10am PT

In this session, we’ll highlight many of the common GraphQL schema design best practices that apply to supergraphs. Erik will share tips that will help subgraph maintainers create and iterate on the type definitions that they contribute to the overall schema efficiently, without unexpected breaking changes for clients.

Workshop: Hands-on Schema Design with Moon Highway

March 16th at 9am PT

A strong GraphQL schema is the foundation of any successful GraphQL project. It’s a document that describes your API’s types. It’s a blueprint for building applications. It’s a contract that offers a shared understanding to developers, managers, and QA, so they can build the right products the first time with focus and clarity.

In this course, you’ll get hands-on training to build readable, scalable, well-documented schemas with GraphQL’s schema definition language.

Meet the speakers

Erik Bylund
Sr. Solutions Architect
Eve Porcello
Software Developer + Instructor