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Defense in Depth: How to Secure GraphQL at Scale

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What you'll learn

Today’s GraphQL APIs are increasingly important and considered to be mission-critical to the strategic goals of the business. To ensure the continued operation and availability of your applications it is imperative to employ a comprehensive strategy to protect against a vast threat landscape. Application architecture has evolved to the point where the perimeter is no longer just the four walls of the data center.

A new approach is needed to ensure a safe operational environment for GraphQL APIs. Join us to learn how our customers are employing an enhanced defense-in-depth approach combined with a zero-trust strategy to deliver applications across modern infrastructure in record time.

  1. The most common threats to GraphQL

  2. Best practices to stop threats at the edge, before they reach the APIs

  3. What it means to deploy Zero Trust application services

  4. How Apollo GraphQL is leading the way with solutions to protect your API ecosystem

Meet the speakers

Vann Orton
Sales Engineer

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