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Embarking on your graph journey in 2022

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What you'll learn

So you’re building or scaling your graph. Congratulations! Besides having to develop a robust technical plan, you’ll also have to navigate the complex world of human emotions and organizational politics. Dan Boerner, Apollo Graph Champion, has worked with 100s of graph champions.

In this talk, Dan shared advice on how to begin or scale your graph journey in 2022 successfully. He shared best practices for successfully overcoming technical and organizational challenges you’ll face when introducing a new technology like the graph to your company.

  1. How to quickly demonstrate value with your graph

  2. Balancing the needs of your client and service teams when designing your graph

  3. How to create a flywheel for graph adoption

Meet the speakers

Dan Boerner
Apollo Graph Champion & Field CTO
David Isquick
Director, Product Marketing

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