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Extending Apollo Router

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What you'll learn

Apollo Router is the next-gen, high-performance graph router for a federated supergraph. It can also be very configurable by taking advantage of its extensive YAML-based config options or even building more advanced customizations as Rhai scripts or external extensions.

In this session, we help you understand what’s possible with Apollo Router’s extensibility model and how to decide which extensibility option will work best for your use case. We also share tips on how to bootstrap your Apollo Router development environment and experience.

  1. How the Apollo Router handles incoming GraphQL requests and its general underlying architecture

  2. What Apollo Router configuration options are available out-of-the-box and when to use them

  3. When to consider extending the functionality of Apollo Router, what options are available for doing so, and how to choose the right approach for specific use cases

Meet the speakers

Lenny Burdette
Principal Solutions Architect

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