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GraphQL for Fintech: Building Unified and Secure Customer Experiences

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What you'll learn

Digital transformation in finance is in full swing. Financial institutions — be they banks, payment service providers, asset managers, or startups — are embracing the shift towards digital channels and behaviors as consumers increasingly turn to a range of online and mobile platforms. While this may seem straightforward, each interface displays a barrage of data from internal and third-party APIs. Fintech organizations must consider the following when designing modern API requirements:

  • How can we best unify the customer experience across all digital touchpoints?

  • How can we ensure that customers control access to their personal data?

  • What measures should the organization take to manage security and compliance risks?

GraphQL streamlines data fetching across clients, enabling your technical teams to focus on a secure and engaging customer experience. Watch as we take a deep dive into each of these requirements. You will learn how these teams can use GraphQL and Apollo GraphOS to build a supergraph that can support any number of digital properties.

  1. Deliver a personalized customer experience

  2. Securing APIs declaratively with GraphQL

  3. Adopt a Customer 360 approach to prevent fraud

  4. Ensure compliant and secure third-party access

Meet the speakers

Matt Ratzke
Solutions Architect

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