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December 6

GraphQL + REST: Better Together

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What you'll learn

The API ecosystem often positions REST and GraphQL as competing technologies, but they are highly complementary. In this talk and related workshop, you will learn how top platform teams use a flexible GraphQL middle layer that abstracts REST’s complexities, providing integration, composability, and self-service.

Tech Talk: Design a Resilient API Strategy with a GraphQL Platform

December 6th at 12pm PT

API-first programs have created enormous value, but the way our APIs connect to our UIs is a mess. Direct connections are unworkable, and building backends-for-frontends (BFFs) for every view and product is slow and expensive.

In this session, Apollo Field CTO Dan Boerner will explore how companies like Major League Baseball, and hundreds more, design a resilient API Strategy with GraphQL. Discover how they are making their existing REST endpoints more valuable with a flexible GraphQL middle layer – and why you should consider doing the same.

Hands-on Workshop: Creating a Unified Graph with GraphQL and REST

December 13th at 9am PT

Led by Eve Porcello of Moon Highway, this course will take a closer look at how to benefit from GraphQL no matter where your data lives. Learn how GraphQL and REST can work together harmoniously to boost performance and developer productivity. Key topics include:

  • Understanding modern GraphQL architectural patterns

  • Building a federated graph with Apollo tools

  • Consolidating a variety of data sources

  • Best practices for schema design

Meet the speakers

Dan Boerner
Apollo Graph Champion & Field CTO
Eve Porcello
Software Engineering Instructor


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