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How modernized their stack and unlocked innovation with their supergraph

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What you'll learn is known for its experimentation culture and its investment in technology as a differentiator. Still, shipping changes became more arduous over time and through years of acquisitions as they struggled to gauge the impact of one team’s changes on another.

Also, delivering consistent experiences and feature parity across clients became challenging. They had begun the move to a service-oriented architecture. However, they needed a way for their front-end teams to compose their capabilities into new experiences while still empowering teams to experiment and innovate.

  1. Learn how migrated from a monolithic 3-tier architecture using a scalable supergraph that provides consistency, reliability, and insights and what they learned along the way

  2. How their supergraph is helping them ship 40% faster, retire tech debt faster, and focus on higher-order initiatives

  3. How to make a case for a supergraph in your organization and how to successfully onboard new teams

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Matt Sexton
Solutions Architect at

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