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How to Migrate from BFFs to a Federated GraphQL API

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What you'll learn

A supergraph built with Apollo Federation enables API teams to build a self-service federated GraphQL API across any number of clients. It eliminates the need to build and maintain backends for frontends (BFFs). But if you’ve built several or even hundreds of BFFs, what’s the best path to migrate?

Xolvio has helped many enterprises migrate to supergraphs that serve billions of queries a day. In this session, Xolvio Senior Engineer Sam Combs shows you an optimal, incremental migration path from BFFs to a federated GraphQL API using a tangible example. He also outlines the pitfalls you may encounter when implementing Apollo Federation and how to avoid them.

  1. How to reuse established business logic and data models from existing BFFs to accelerate federated GraphQL schema design.

  2. How to quickly identify subgraph boundaries using event storming.

  3. How to leverage read models as a concept to determine client demand for data.

  4. How to avoid pitfalls when moving from BFFs to GraphQL federation.

Meet the speakers

Sam Combs
Senior Engineer

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