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How Wayfair slashed costs, simplified infra, and cut latency in half with Apollo Router

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Wayfair, one of the world‘s leading home goods brands, has reaped the benefits of a common GraphQL API layer, powering every product search while increasing developer velocity. But running billions of GraphQL queries through any layer poses large infrastructure challenges, especially with all eyes on efficiency in 2023. The Wayfair team turned to Apollo Router, Apollo’s new supergraph runtime, in search of a win-win-win. Could they reduce cloud costs, reduce request latency, and simplify their infrastructure at the same time?

Watch Dewey Jose and Mark Faga as they share how Wayfair adopted the Apollo Router just in time for peak holiday traffic, cutting cloud costs by 93%, shaving 50% off request latency, and simplifying their infrastructure along the way.

  1. What challenges led Wayfair to adopt the new Apollo Router

  2. How they executed a flawless traffic migration quickly and safely

  3. Lessons learned and planned next steps

Meet the speakers

Dewey Jose
Staff Software Engineer
Mark Faga
Senior Staff Software Engineer, Wayfair
Dan Boerner
Field CTO

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