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Principled GraphQL with Domain-Driven Design

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What you'll learn

Innovative companies are adopting supergraphs to deliver robust consumer experiences across sprawling, complex, heterogeneous technology infrastructures.

As organizations set up their supergraph, one of the most common decision points is how best to define subgraphs and their “boundaries.”

There is a tension between the iterative, demand-driven approach recommended by Principled GraphQL with enterprise architecture-driven models like domain-driven design. How can these seemingly divergent means of solution design coexist and better enable each other to succeed?

  1. Aligning developers and architects and finding common ground between the domain-driven and demand-driven models by focusing on modularity, reusability, and logical constructs

  2. How developers can leverage existing enterprise architecture models to kickstart subgraph definitions

  3. How Enterprise Architects can support supergraph adoption while taking advantage of the unique insights provided by demand-driven models

  4. Best practices for developing an effective stewardship model to ensure developers can work at speed while aligning to and enriching enterprise architectures

Meet the speakers

Michal Svec
Lead Solutions Engineer

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