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Schema Design with Federation

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What you'll learn

A strong GraphQL schema is the foundation of any successful GraphQL project. It’s a document that describes your API’s types. It’s a blueprint for building applications. It’s a contract that offers a shared understanding to developers, managers, and QA, so they can build the right products the first time with focus and clarity.

In this 3-hour course, you’ll get hands-on training to build readable, scalable, well-documented schemas with GraphQL’s schema definition language. We’ll also look at how to develop schemas for federated APIs that empower developers while eliminating the drawbacks of BFFs. Learn to speak the language of GraphQL fluently, no matter your job role.

Workshop participants should have hands-on experience with GraphQL. It’s suitable for a range of job roles from UI engineers, backend engineers, project managers, designers, and more. To prepare for this course, we suggest completing the free, self-paced tutorials Lift-off I-IV.

  1. Intro to the Schema Definition Language

  2. Creating Types, Interfaces, and Unions

  3. Nullable vs. Non-nullable Fields

  4. Understanding Schema Design for Federated Architectures

Meet the speakers

Eve Porcello
Software Engineering Instructor

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