Modernize with Apollo and AWS

GraphQL improves API performance and developer velocity. Plug your team's APIs into Apollo GraphOS and get a scalable GraphQL platform.

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Modernize with Apollo and AWS

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Modernize with Apollo and AWS

The source of truth for your APIs

Understand your organization’s API catalog with Apollo’s automatic API documentation and usage monitoring. If a developer asks what API to use, you can just say, “It’s in the graph.”

  • Collaborate better across service teams

  • Compose and connect data and business logic across microservices with GraphQL Federation.

  • Create consistent user experiences

  • Power your applications with a graph spanning business domains.

Move Companies Forward with Apollo GraphQL Federation and AWS AppSync

Apollo Federation is the defacto standard for organizations seeking to address complexity and improve developer speed with GraphQL. Apollo Federation is an architecture and specification used to build and connect multiple distributed backend GraphQL (micro)services, exposing a single endpoint and GraphQL schema to API clients and consumers. Federation makes it easy to connect graphs and subgraphs, including AWS AppSync deployments running on AWS Lambda functions. For more information on how to deploy Federation across AWS AppSync instances, refer to this blog post: Apollo GraphQL Federation with AWS AppSync

Case Studies

Modernizing digital payments with a graph at PayPal

Globoplay leverages the supergraph to unify and boost its customer experience: The largest subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming service in Brazil with millions of users.

AWS AppSync: