May 21, 2020

Announcing GraphQL Summit Worldwide

Julia Black
Events lead

To best ensure the safety and comfort of everyone attending, GraphQL Summit 2020 is now GraphQL Summit Worldwide: a free, virtual event. Although we’re bummed that we won’t be able to gather in person this year, we’re also thrilled to welcome many GraphQL community members across the globe that haven’t been able to attend in past years due to travel. As additional benefits of going virtual, we can host Summit earlier in the year than usual, and split its content across two weeks to help prevent screen time burnout. GraphQL Summit Worldwide will take place across July 30-31 and August 6-7, 2020. Attendees will have access to 3-4 hours of talks and panels each day from experts in the GraphQL community. As always, we’ll create multiple environments for attendees to learn from each other and meet GraphQL community leaders. Together with Eventbrite, we will be refunding all paid Summit 2020 tickets in the coming days. If you purchased a ticket, no action is required on your end to receive your refund. Everyone at Apollo is beyond grateful for the support you’ve shown GraphQL Summit the past four years, and we look forward to showcasing an extraordinary online conference experience with you this year. Register now to join us!

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Julia Black

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