April 17, 2023

Apollo Changelog: April 17, 2023

Dylan Anthony

A new way to navigate

A major update to our docs site has made it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Having trouble finding your favorite article? Have a question our docs don’t answer? Want to compliment the beautiful new design? You can do all of that and more in our Discord server.

Apollo’s GraphQL tooling in Rust

If you keep hearing about apollo-rs (like the apollo-compiler release later in this post) and you’re wondering what it’s all about, we’ve got just the thing! Iryna Shestak gave a talk at GraphQL Summit walking through the motivation and goals of apollo-rs and there’s now a condensed version of that talk available on YouTube:

Fine-tuning Apollo Client’s normalized cache

The standard Apollo Client cache works well with minimal config for most cases, but sometimes you need to really fine-tune your performance. To get you started, here’s a shortened talk from GraphQL Summit by Raman Lally breaking down the internals of the cache:

Upcoming events

Rapid roundup

Community spotlight

“One Stop Shop” is a new, open-source way to visualize your GraphQL schema and queries! Check out the announcement blog post for more details, or go to https://www.graphql-oss.io right now to try it out.

Also under the oslabs-beta umbrella is an open-source, server-side caching solution for GraphQL APIs called TroveQL. The team recently released a blog post describing how it works—exciting stuff!

Have you tried out these or any other open-source GraphQL projects recently? We’d love to hear about it over in our Discord server. We’re always looking to try out new technologies!

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