February 13, 2023

Apollo Changelog: February 13, 2023

Patrick Arminio

Operation scripts in Apollo Studio

Based on popular request, Apollo Studio now supports Operations Scripts! Operation scripts can be used for performing complex automations or for testing sequence of operations.

Here’s a basic example that feeds the result of another mutation inside the variables for the current mutation:

Serverless supergraphs

Last week we hosted another livestream on our Discord server about deploying a Typescript subgraphs on AWS Lambda using SAM. If you want to try it out, free to use Michael’s template, and let us know how it goes on Discord, we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Cache me if you can!

We published a short version of “Cache me if you can: Wayfair’s secret to snappier apps ”, watch it on YouTube! We’re working on more Summit supercuts and you can subscribe to the Apollo GraphQL channel to be notified when they’re ready.

Rapid roundup

  • Rover 0.11.1 is now available and includes a fix for a warning shown when running the latest version of Apollo Router.
  • Apollo Router 1.10.2 was released including a fix for @interfaceObject and some maintenance changes.
  • Apollo iOS 1.0.7 was released and includes a few bug fixes.

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