October 31, 2016

GraphQL Summit 2016 in Tweets

Sashko Stubailo

Sashko Stubailo

On October 26, 2016, the Apollo team hosted the first-ever GraphQL conference. Over 350 GraphQL enthusiasts from around the world converged in San Francisco and took part in a full day of talks and discussions about the up-and-coming technology. We’re working on posting videos of the talks, but while you wait, read the story of GraphQL Summit as told by the attendees!


Starting off the day

All three OG GraphQL co-creators together for the #graphqlsummit today. Come chat with us! ✨ pic.twitter.com/mLszbc3j7F

— Lee Byron (@leeb) October 26, 2016

Great day for a #graphqlsummit! Excited for fantastic #graphql talks, strong coffee & ☀️ weather. pic.twitter.com/CBLnBz5tlz

— Apollo (@apollographql) October 26, 2016

Full house at #graphqlsummit pic.twitter.com/nFVeqNQIvw

— 1 track producer (@freiksenet) October 26, 2016

The first batch of talks

The Meteor Development Group / Apollo CEO Geoff Schmidt started off the day with a keynote reminding us how far GraphQL has come, and announcing a new commercial product for instrumenting GraphQL servers, Apollo Optics.

Geoff Schmidt begins his GraphQL keynote. #graphqlsummit @immir @apollographql pic.twitter.com/Q2uzvHqnQw

— Chris Shaw (@CShaw4) October 26, 2016

We are kicking off the first #graphqlsummit Summit with @immir and the first commercial #GraphQL products. ✈️🌪 pic.twitter.com/07sCE9fhvf

— Drift Engineering (@DriftDev) October 26, 2016

Marc-André Giroux and Dylan Thacker-Smith from Shopify talked about how Shopify uses GraphQL.

"Marc-Andre is a jazz guitarist turned developer, excited about making shopping easier for everyone" @Shopify #graphqlsummit pic.twitter.com/2U3m4pLG16

— Alexy Khrabrov and 2020 others (@ChiefScientist) October 26, 2016

Hey #graphqlsummit people 👋 Here are the slides from Dylan and I's talk yesterday on how we use GraphQL @Shopify! https://t.co/41DowdiOns

— Marc-André Giroux (@__xuorig__) October 27, 2016

Jeff Cross from Google and Uri Goldshtein from the Apollo team talked about Angular 2 and how to use it with a GraphQL-first development process:

Angular and Apollo for @GraphQL@jeffbcross from @google @angularjs team and @UriGoldshtein from @apollographql #graphqlsummit pic.twitter.com/g7bc6QgC9M

— Alexy Khrabrov and 2020 others (@ChiefScientist) October 26, 2016

Enjoyed @UriGoldshtein & @jeffbcross's #graphqlsummit talk on GraphQL + #Angular? Check out the GitHunt example app: https://t.co/qegBYGN0zZ

— Apollo (@apollographql) October 26, 2016

Next, Joe Savona from the Facebook’s GraphQL team talked about what they’ve learned through 4 years of building GraphQL clients internally:

Speaking at #graphqlsummit was awesome! Great sharing what we've built with the community. Now watching @en_JS killing it on stage #graphql pic.twitter.com/5Pm6qHN8kj

— Marc-André Giroux (@__xuorig__) October 26, 2016

Great talk by @en_JS on GraphQL client patterns at FB. Colocation, persisted queries, common pagination APIs. #graphqlsummit pic.twitter.com/7e0VkN3peH

— Dan Schafer (@dlschafer) October 26, 2016

Second batch: After lunch

After hanging out at lunch, we got to hear Brandon Black talk about why GitHub chose GraphQL for its new platform, and the tools they have been building around it:

Why GitHub choose GraphQL #graphqlsummit pic.twitter.com/SbkUCDBRwK

— xcv58 (@xcv58) October 26, 2016

Next, Danielle Man and Sashko Stubailo (me!) took the stage to talk about GraphQL-first development, and the tools the Apollo team is building to make it possible, including graphql-tools and Apollo Client:

Apollo's @stubailo & @danimman talking about how we approach #graphql first development #graphqlsummit pic.twitter.com/SRCp17AhqS

— Apollo (@apollographql) October 26, 2016

Great talk on transitioning to @GraphQL with a #GraphQL first approach. #graphqlsummit @stubailo @danimman pic.twitter.com/jg30TXLUiC

— Jira Vinyoopongphan (@thekamahele) October 26, 2016

Great talk on transitioning to @GraphQL with a #GraphQL first approach. #graphqlsummit @stubailo @danimman pic.twitter.com/jg30TXLUiC

— Jira Vinyoopongphan (@thekamahele) October 26, 2016

Slides up for the talk about #GraphQL-first development @danimman and I presented at #graphqlsummit! https://t.co/Me1yo2Ozcl @apollographql

— Sashko Stubailo (@stubailo) October 29, 2016

Afterwards, Brennan Saeta from Coursera delivered an engaging story about how they scaled up their API over several years, starting with a static JSON blob and ending up with GraphQL:

It's time! @bsaeta schooling us on APIs at Coursera #graphqlsummit #learnwithoutlimits pic.twitter.com/de4SJktH3a

— Building Coursera (@CourseraEng) October 26, 2016

.@AndrewYNg has internal @coursera id of 1244. #graphqlsummit pic.twitter.com/qqrh6Y7yZQ

— Alexy Khrabrov and 2020 others (@ChiefScientist) October 26, 2016

Last segment: Panel, lightning talks, and Lee Byron

Right after a short break, there was a panel on how companies using GraphQL at scale and in production with:

  • Kenton Jacobsen from Conde Nast
  • Nick Nance from Credit Karma
  • Mike Isman from Hudl
  • Aaron Weiker from Concur

Apollo’s VP of Product Matt DeBergalis moderated.

Then, there was a round of 4 lightning talks about new open source projects using or making it easier to work with GraphQL:

Mind blown by @acarl005 talk at #graphqlsummit. Awesome looking library for using GraphQL with JOINs in SQL. https://t.co/vALT4FovIZ

— Dan Schafer (@dlschafer) October 26, 2016

Proud to have @acarl005 represent @stem and introduce our first open source project Join Monster at the #graphqlsummit! 👏🏻🤘🏻 pic.twitter.com/BCUBlGQTpG

— Milana Rabkin Lewis (@milana) October 26, 2016

.@calebmer doing live coding for showing PostGraphQL at #graphqlsummit #🐘 #postgresql https://t.co/gvEOSjEyKm pic.twitter.com/FDf7wj2ww9

— Lukas Fittl (@LukasFittl) October 26, 2016

Two other awesome lightning talks:

And, last but not (at all) least, Lee Byron, the maintainer and chief spokesman of the GraphQL specification and reference implementation, delivered his talk covering the history of GraphQL, best practices, and how it will grow in the future:

Loving the closing #graphqlsummit talk from @leebyron. Very surreal to see the years-long story of GraphQL presented at a GraphQL conference pic.twitter.com/1zvIFgiBiv

— Dan Schafer (@dlschafer) October 26, 2016

.@leeb: why didn't you just use… (instead of @GraphQL) #graphqlsummit pic.twitter.com/dQcQOO2eFd

— Alexy Khrabrov and 2020 others (@ChiefScientist) October 26, 2016

That's the closing talk for first #graphqlsummit from Lee Byron @leeb one of the founder of #GraphQL pic.twitter.com/74HEjCEWsj

— Swami (@swambala) October 27, 2016


Great event! If you wanna watch some videos from the #graphqlsummit, check our facebook group https://t.co/zaehn1Fdgp #graphql

— Bruno Lemos (@brunolemos) October 27, 2016

So glad for the opportunity to organize #graphqlsummit! Thanks @GraphQL speakers & the @apollographql team for your support! 💗 pic.twitter.com/mAN5mhrSBu

— Thea Lamkin (@taylamkin) October 29, 2016

Huge thanks to @meteorjs / @apollostack for organizing #graphqlsummit. This was amazing!

— 1 track producer (@freiksenet) October 27, 2016

Huge thanks to everyone organizing and attending #graphqlsummit today.

— Lee Byron (@leeb) October 27, 2016

And that was the conference! After a reception on the roof, everyone headed home, thinking about how this GraphQL thing is bigger than any of us imagined!

All of the talks were recorded and will be posted on YouTube as soon as possible. If you’re hankering to meet more people from the community, make sure to subscribe to our San Francisco GraphQL meetup group:GraphQL San FranciscoGraphQL is Facebook’s new, open-source query language for fetching application data in a uniform way. Designed to solve…www.meetup.com

Oh, and in case you missed it in between all of the tweets…

See you next year!

#graphqlsummit almost starting 🙂 busy day ahead. #GraphQL #apollo-stack pic.twitter.com/p0BpfZXsnj

— Filipe Névola (@FilipeNevola) October 26, 2016

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