March 20, 2023

Apollo Changelog: March 20, 2023

Dylan Anthony

Dylan Anthony

Coprocessing, distributed caching, and JWT auth in the router

Apollo Router 1.12 comes with several exciting new features for GraphOS Enterprise. You can now extend the router with any programming language via the new “coprocessors” feature. Your router can also cache automatic persisted queries in Redis and validate JSON web tokens before calling your subgraphs. For the full details, check out the announcement blog post.

Last call for proposals

Have you submitted your talk for GraphQL Summit 2023 yet? If not, there’s only one week left to send in your proposal. Everyone is welcome to speak, regardless of background, even if this will be your first conference talk! Conference tickets, lodging, and airfare are all covered for speakers, so all you have to think about is what you want to share with the GraphQL community.

Introducing entity interfaces

Lenny Burdette, a Principal Solutions Architect at Apollo, has created a short video introducing the newest federation feature: entity interfaces.

Rapid roundup

Community spotlight

There have been several recent releases to <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="" target="_blank">apollo-federation-ruby</a> adding support for more federation features. If you’ve been waiting on @tag@inaccessible, or @interfaceObject in your Ruby subgraph, it’s time to update!

Last week, we missed a piece of the Volvo Car Mobility story, but no worries, this knowledge is evergreen! The N+1 problem requires care to avoid in every type of API. In GraphQL, this is typically solved by adding data loaders to your resolvers—but it can be easy to forget that even resolvers returning a single object should use data loaders. “Using Data Loaders with Apollo Federation” discusses why data loaders are important in entity resolvers and how you can implement them in Kotlin.

Have you seen a cool blog post, video, or open-source project related to GraphQL? Let us know in our Discord server so we can include it in an upcoming community spotlight!

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