March 20, 2019

GraphQL Summit 2019 Call for Proposals

Peggy Rayzis

Peggy Rayzis

We’re excited to welcome the GraphQL community back to San Francisco, CA for this year’s GraphQL Summit at the Hyatt Regency on October 29–31, 2019. With over 1,200 developers expected to attend, this year’s edition will be bigger, better, and spookier than ever. 👻

At Summit, you’ll hear new ideas and learn best practices from GraphQL leaders, meet maintainers of open source GraphQL projects, and connect with passionate GraphQL developers from all around the world. For a taste of what to expect, check out last year’s conference YouTube playlist.

Speak at Summit

If you have ideas to share, we want to hear them! Our Call for Proposals is now open until May 24.

What we’re looking for

Developers come to Summit to get inspired and take back knowledge they can share with their teams. We love talks that have a unique point of view, teach the audience something new, and push the GraphQL community forward.

GraphQL Summit welcomes developers of all experience levels and backgrounds. It’s important to us that our speaker lineup reflects a diverse balance of races, genders, and backgrounds, and we encourage underrepresented groups in tech and first-time speakers to apply. If you would like feedback on your proposal, we’re available to help at


This year’s event will be larger than ever, so we’ve organized our content program into themes to help attendees discover what’s relevant to them. We’ve included suggested talk topics for each theme in the CFP, but please don’t limit yourselves to our list. Let your creativity shine through! ✨

  • The GraphQL stack: How should today’s product teams think about integrating GraphQL into their stack? These talks should share practical knowledge that developers can use right away.
  • Deep dives: Technical talks on GraphQL servers, clients, or the specification itself that appeal to an advanced/expert level audience.
  • Spooky stories: Name a difficult challenge you faced and how you solved it. Did you take down your production GraphQL API and live to tell the tale? Let us know what you learned from that experience!
  • GraphQL infrastructure: Talks for the architects, backend developers, and DevOps folks who keep our GraphQL APIs running smoothly.
  • Creative uses of GraphQL: Have you used GraphQL in an unusual way? We want to hear about it!
  • Community: This theme celebrates the GraphQL community and shows people how to get involved.

Join our featured speakers

At GraphQL Summit, you’ll learn best practices and hear new ideas from a diverse group of GraphQL leaders from around the world. We’re excited to announce our first round of featured speakers:

GraphQL Summit 2019 featured speakers

Brie Bunge

Brie is a Software Engineer at Airbnb. After an awesome talk at JSConf HI on adopting TypeScript at scale, we’re thrilled to have Brie share her TypeScript expertise at Summit this year!

Christian Nwamba

Christian is a Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft. Through his excellent talks on GraphQL vs. REST and well-written fullstack tutorials, Christian has inspired developers worldwide to learn GraphQL. We’re honored to have him speak at Summit!

Lauren Tan

Lauren is an Engineering Manager at Netflix. Whether she’s teaching type systems at React Rally or exploring the strongly typed graph on her blog, Lauren’s content is always engaging, which is why we can’t wait to see her speak at Summit!

Simona Cotin

Simona is a Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft. We’re eagerly anticipating her Summit talk, but in the meantime, check out her amazing talks on serverless GraphQL or her newly released GraphQL video series!

You could be next! If you’d like to join our featured speakers on stage, please submit a proposal to our CFP.

Early Bird tickets on sale

If you’re interested in attending GraphQL Summit, we recommend purchasing your ticket soon to lock in the best price! There are a limited number of Early Bird passes available, and we sold out of our previous tiers much faster than we anticipated.

We will reimburse your ticket cost if you’re selected to speak. We will also open up discounted Community passes for GraphQL open source contributors soon, in addition to a diversity scholarship program for underrepresented groups in tech at the end of May.

We hope to see you at GraphQL Summit 2019 and look forward to reading your talk proposals! 🎉 To connect with other developers attending the conference, check out our Spectrum channel.

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Peggy Rayzis

Peggy Rayzis

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