March 4, 2021

GraphQL Summit is just around the corner

Julia Black

Julia Black

After listening to the community, we’ve decided to something a little different with GraphQL Summit this year. We’re splitting the event across two days with distinct focuses for GraphQL Summit Worldwide and GraphQL Summit Scale.

GraphQL Summit Worldwide — April 7th, 2021

Register for Day One of GraphQL Summit Worldwide for various GraphQL-focused talks on Subscriptions, Federation, Testing, Apollo Client, and more.

Announcing the GraphQL Summit Worldwide Talks!!

  • Using Subscriptions with Your Federated Data Graph by Mandi Wise, Solutions Architect at Apollo
  • Oh Hello Apollo Client, Farewell Redux 👋 by Ankita Kulkarni, Tech Lead at Loblaw Digital
  • How Your Infrastructure Choices Make (or Break) Your Team Culture by Jason Lengstorf, Principal Developer at Netlify
  • Acquiring a Data Graph by Taz Singh, Founder at
  • The power of schema: How to work in the future by Kyle Schrade, Software Engineer at StockX
  • GraphQL Observability by Ash Narcisse, Engineer at Apollo
  • Server Driven UIs on the Web with GraphQL by Faraz Ahmad, Software Engineer at UberEats

Can’t make it?

Not sure if you can make it? Sign up for Day One anyway to be the first to get notified when we post the recordings online.

Already registered?

You’re all set for day one. We’ll let you know when the festivities start and we’ll send you a link to watch the day one recordings after the event ✌️.

GraphQL Summit Scale – April 8th, 2021

New this year, GraphQL Summit Scale is for companies scaling with GraphQL. Register for Day Two – GraphQL Summit Scale for talks focused on helping companies solve the technical and cultural challenges of creating an organization-wide data graph.

GraphQL Summit Scale Talks

The schedule is coming soon, so sign-up to get notified when it goes live for Summit Scale.

Join us!

We’re excited to see you (virtually) this year for GraphQL Summit. It’ll be two days of lots of learning, so come join us! You can register for Day One here and Day Two here.

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Julia Black

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