April 11, 2024

Join Us at API Days in New York City, April 30 & May 1, 2024

Dan Boerner

Dan Boerner

API Days NY is a must-attend for those looking to network with API leaders and learn how top enterprises are leveraging federated GraphQL in their API platforms. As you can see from the agenda highlights below, it will be an exciting two day event. 

  • Our founder and CTO, Matt DeBergalis, will share his keynote “The Year Ahead for GraphQL Federation: Uniting APIs for the AI Era”
  • API leaders from Netflix, Wayfair and Apollo will present sessions on optimizing performance, creating effective api schemas and building an internal community for effective API governance
  • Apollo is offering a free workshop to guide you through building your first GraphQL query and beyond
  • Register to join us for a meetup & happy hour to meet with peer API leaders and GraphQL experts

Swing by the Apollo booth to connect, and read on for more details.

Keynote: The Year Ahead for GraphQL Federation: Combining APIs for the AI Era

Matt DeBergalis, Founder and CTO, Apollo GraphQL

Forget what you’ve heard about GraphQL – it’s not a REST alternative, graph database, or just for front-end developers. GraphQL is about combining the APIs you already have.

In this talk, you’ll learn how a federated GraphQL architecture brings a platform approach to API composition, where it fits into the API stack, and what is coming next to help teams build tomorrow’s AI products and experiences on today’s APIs.

Session: The GraphQL Overhead: Myth or Reality?

Marc-André Grioux, Senior Software Engineer & Author, Netflix

GraphQL is a powerful tool to enable declarative data fetching on the client and dynamic data representation on the server. This power must have an overhead. In this talk, investigate what this overhead is made of, how impactful it can be to scaling an API platform and services, and how to mitigate it as much as possible while retaining the benefits of GraphQL.

Session: The Secrets to Graph Success, from Inception to General Availability

Leah Hurwich-Adler, Senior Product Leader

Building an API platform for a Fortune 100 retailer, capable of handling over 600 million requests per day, requires a highly distributed ecosystem and Federated GraphQL. Drawing from firsthand experience, Leah will share insights on building an internal API community, setting up governance models, and igniting leaders’ enthusiasm for your platform vision. Join this talk to uncover the keys to launching a successful GraphQL platform, through lessons that merge technology with strategic and leadership insights.

Session: Benefits of Idiomatic Code First GraphQL Development

Derek Kuc, Principal Engineer, Apollo GraphQL

When building a GraphQL server, two main approaches exist: starting with an SDL and matching resolver logic, or generating the schema directly from code. In this talk, explore the benefits of idiomatic code-first GraphQL development, focusing on GraphQL Kotlin examples. Discover how this approach enhances developer experience and API consistency.

Workshop: Build an API Composition Layer with Apollo GraphQL

Michael Berger, Solutions Engineer, Apollo GraphQL

Use GraphQL to accelerate developer velocity by creating a composition layer for your microservices. Orchestrate data by creating a query that spans your REST APIs and delivers exactly the data your application requires. Learn how to build your first GraphQL query and why GraphQL is valuable to your microservice architecture.

NYC Meetup and Happy Hour

Register to join the Apollo team, Graph Champions, and apidays attendees on April 30 at 6 PM following the conference for bites and beverages at nearby restaurant The Reading Room (16 E 46th St, New York, NY 10017 – located in the Gotham Hotel)

Still deciding? Get your free pass now before they run out!  

The full conference ticket includes access to the Keynotes, Track Sessions, Workshops and Networking Breakfasts and Lunches on April 30 & May 1. Email champions@apollographql.com to learn more and request a pass.

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