August 13, 2019

Meet our speakers for GraphQL Summit 2019!

Julia Black

Julia Black

GraphQL Summit, held in SF on October 30 and 31, is the world’s largest conference dedicated to GraphQL. This year will feature over 60 technical talks across 3 tracks, selected to further your GraphQL knowledge with educational sessions that provide practical next steps for your next project. And with 1,200 attendees, the networking and learning opportunities will be many. Here is a small selection of great talks we’re thrilled to have in the 2019 lineup:

  • Scaling GraphQL Beyond a Backend for Frontend by Michelle Garrett & Faduma Mohammed from Condé Nast International
  • How do you get changes made to GraphQL? by Orta from Microsoft
  • Caching & GraphQL: Setting the Story Straight by Marc-Andrè Giroux from GitHub
  • State Management in GraphQL using React Hooks & Apollo by Shruti Kapoor from PayPal
  • GraphQL in Every Language by Jon Wong from Coursera
  • Client-side GraphQL at scale by Chris Sauvè from Shopify
  • Migrating to Apollo at Airbnb by Brie Bunge from Airbnb

Discover over 40 more speakers and their sessions here.

Discounted tickets are selling fast!

Act fast before discounted tickets run out. Grab a team ticket ($849/person for a team of 3 or more) or some of the last early bird passes ($899).

New scholarships

GraphQL Summit is committed to building a diverse and inclusive conference, which is why we’re excited to announce several new scholarship programs:

Opportunity scholarships

We’re inviting all women, LGBTQIA+ folks, people of color, people with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged individuals interested in GraphQL to apply for a diversity scholarship and join us at Summit for free. Simply fill out this form and we’ll select applicants by Sep 14, 2019.

Community contributor passes

We’re offering open source contributors to GraphQL and community projects an opportunity to apply for a Community ticket at $99. Please fill out this form for a chance to be selected. We’ll select applicants by Sep 14, 2019.

Featured activities

In addition to excellent technical talks, we’re also planning some activities to help you get the most out of Summit:

Apollo office hours 🚀

Book some 1:1 time with Apollo engineers to discuss and get advice on your projects.

Training bootcamps

Hands-on training sessions will take place on October 29th between 12pm and 5pm. We’ll announce our bootcamps and how you can purchase tickets in early September.

Join the fun! 👻

We’ll be hosting a Halloween party on the evening of the 30th of October. Prizes to the most creative costumes and other surprises await!

Join as a sponsor

With 1,200 attendees this year, sponsoring is a great opportunity to get your brand in front of developers and decision-makers in the growing GraphQL community. Sponsorship sales close August 30th. Act fast: a few spots are still available. See the sponsorship prospectus and get in touch by contacting

We hope to see you at GraphQL Summit 2019! 🎉 To connect with other developers attending the conference, check out our Spectrum channel.

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Julia Black

Julia Black

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