February 6, 2023

Apollo Changelog: Feb 6, 2023

Dylan Anthony

Dylan Anthony

Speak at GraphQL Summit 2023

GraphQL Summit is returning on October 10 in San Diego! We are accepting proposals for talks until Monday March 27. Check out the event page for more details—we’ll see you there!

A full supergraph on Kubernetes

Our solutions team maintains a tutorial on building a supergraph on Kubernetes. The tutorial includes examples for deploying to both Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). If that sounds like your mix of technologies, go check it out!

Serverless supergraphs

Last week we hosted a livestream on our Discord server about deploying Python subgraphs on AWS Lambda. This week we’re following up with the sequel, where we’ll do the same thing with Apollo Server and TypeScript! Join the server before Wednesday, February 8th, to participate.

The future of GraphQL routing

If you missed “The future of GraphQL routing” at GraphQL Summit 2022, you can now watch a condensed version on YouTube! Subscribe to the Apollo GraphQL channel to be notified of future Summit supercuts.

Load testing and server-driven UIs

Our solutions team regularly encounters real-world challenges and shares their learnings in the Tech Notes section of our docs. Here’s what’s new this week:

  1. Load testing is an important practice for large-scale applications, and it comes with some unique challenges for distributed systems (like federated graphs). “Load testing a federated GraphQL API” provides a high level look at some challenges you should expect, along with some common solutions to them.
  2. Interested in both server-driven UIs and GraphQL? “Server-Driven UI Schema Patterns” gives you a glimpse at how a server-driven UI might look when implemented in GraphQL.

Rapid roundup

  • Apollo Client 3.7.6 & 3.7.7 bring improvements to TypeScript, useLazyQuery, and MockedProvider along with performance gains and bug fixes.
  • Router 1.10.0 is available for self-hosting with a long list of features and improvements.

Community Spotlight

Planning on implementing a payment system in an upcoming UI? Victoria Lo walks us through consuming BrainTree’s GraphQL API in a React app in “GraphQL for Beginners: Implementing a Robust Payment System.”

Tejas Shikhare was recently a guest on the InfoQ podcast to discuss GraphQL and Federation at Netflix. If you haven’t heard this story, it’s well worth the listen!

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Dylan Anthony

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