November 20, 2017

GraphQL Summit talk videos are out!

Thea Lamkin

Thea Lamkin

This year’s GraphQL Summit conference was in San Francisco on October 25-26. It was an incredible event with tons of talks, panels, and hallway discussions about moving the GraphQL community forward.

If you couldn’t make it this year, we’ve put together a three-minute highlight video to capture the electric atmosphere at the event:

And now, without further ado, here’s the full playlist on YouTube with all 30 talk videos:

GraphQL Summit 2017 video full playlist

If you’ve got some time off in the coming weeks, that’s a great opportunity to kick back, make some tea, and start absorbing the GraphQL knowledge above. Don’t forget to like and share your favorites, so that we can know what kinds of content to focus on for next year!

Keeping up with GraphQL Summit news

The conference is finished for this year, but we’re already looking forward to future developments and can’t wait for next year’s Summit! To keep up to date, make sure to:

  1. Follow @graphqlsummit on Twitter, and keep up with #graphqlsummit for community tweets
  2. Follow the Apollo YouTube channel for more Summit and GraphQL SF meetup videos

Apollo content from GraphQL Summit

Now that the conference is over, we’ve had some time to look back and put together a list of the talks most relevant for our subscribers here on the blog. These are talks that showcase new developments in Apollo technologies, and how people in the community have been improving them and going to production. We’ve got three categories of talks organized below:

  1. Full-length talks from the Apollo team
  2. Lightning talks about Apollo from contributors
  3. Talks from companies like New York Times and KLM about their Apollo journey

Talks from the Apollo team

We were really excited that three Apollo team members were able to present at the conference, about some very cutting-edge GraphQL topics:

Universal GraphQL: How to use GraphQL beyond the frontend

By James Baxley

This talk presented a future for GraphQL where it goes beyond loading data into your UI from a GraphQL server, including client-side data management, integration into design tools like Sketch, internet of things, and more. He also launched Apollo Client 2.0 on stage during his presentation!

Watch the talk on YouTube, and read the Apollo Client 2.0 announcement on our blog.

Apollo Client 2.0: More than GraphQL

By Peggy Rayzis

This was a more technical deep dive into how the new Apollo Client release enables some of the concepts presented in James’ talk. Watch it for details about how managing client-side data or accessing REST APIs directly might work with the extension points in the new release.

Watch the talk on YouTube, or read the summary on our blog!

The GraphQL Stack: How everything fits together

By Sashko Stubailo

Sashko explained where GraphQL is today and how we as a community can continue to expand on its main benefits. This talk covers topics like caching, performance tracing, schema stitching, GraphQL gateways, and more.

Watch the talk on YouTube, or read the summary on our blog!

Lightning talks

These are bite-sized (7–10 minute) bits of goodness on very focused topics. There were a lot of lightning talks at the conference, and all of them were fantastic. The below talks were especially exciting for us, since Apollo contributors got to present some of the tools they had been working on for many months:

Production stories

Three other talks really stood out to us, since they brought up really exciting use cases and stories from building out new Apollo-based GraphQL platforms for production:

The crowd at GraphQL Summit 2017

That’s all for today! If you watch all of the above talks, you’ll be well on your way to being an expert in current trends in GraphQL and Apollo.

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Thea Lamkin

Thea Lamkin

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