January 25, 2017

Save the Date: Apollo Contributor Week

Thea Lamkin

Thea Lamkin

Late last year, the Apollo team took a week do some collaborative hacking on projects ideas that had been floating around our heads but hadn’t made it into planned sprints. Not only did this end up being really fun, it also yielded some awesome additions to the open source project, including these Chrome devtools for Apollo Client.

Almost immediately afterwards, we had the idea of organizing a hack week for the wider community of Apollo contributors and people looking for a fun opportunity to get involved in open source projects.

So 🎉 we’re excited to announce Apollo Contributor Week — an online hack week for anyone looking to make contributions to Apollo and related projects, with the core maintainers on deck throughout the week to provide help, design feedback, quick PR reviews, and emotional support. Leading up to Contributor Week, we’ll also be shoring up our projects’ resources and tools to make for an awesome contributing experience.

Who should participate

We welcome anyone who is interested in Apollo and GraphQL to join in, including new, existing and past contributors. This is a great chance to help make Apollo an even better tool for your needs, and leave your mark on a rapidly growing open source project. Contributions can span everything from adding tests and updating documentation to significant PRs.

We’d love to see contributors from the other open source communities as well, especially if you have ideas on how to better integrate Apollo with your project (and vice versa).

For those who are new to our codebase, not all contributions need to come in the form of code! We’ll also be around to help you improve documentation, write that blog post about GraphQL you’ve had on the back burner, or hone a talk you’ve been wanting to give at your local meetup.

What to look forward to

  • Daily office hours on Slack with core maintainers
  • Contribution ideas for all skill levels
  • New, more helpful contributing docs and updated roadmaps
  • Getting to know the (awesome) GraphQL open source community
  • Blog posts showing off the awesome stuff you build
  • Improved Apollo tools that better serve your needs
  • Fun, fame and open source karma!

How to get involved

We’ll kick the week off on February 7th with a Youtube Live hangout to brainstorm project ideas and answer questions to get you started, along with a follow up post with all the resources you’ll need to participate.

  1. Join the #contributor-week on Apollo Slack.
  2. Watch the kickoff event video on YouTube.
  3. Follow us on Medium and Twitter to get updated on the details.
  4. Think about what you’d like to work on.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Thea Lamkin

Thea Lamkin

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