April 7, 2021

Sharing your graph just got a whole lot easier – Announcing unlimited Consumer seats

Jeffrey Burt

Jeffrey Burt

Last year, when we launched Apollo Explorer and our schema reference and changelog, we wanted to help you put the power of your graph into the hands of as many people as possible. Starting today, we’re making it even easier. You can invite everyone in your organization to explore your graph in Apollo Studio using the new Consumer user role. Consumers will have access only to your graph’s Explorer, the schema changelog, and schema reference documentation. Graph champions now have a way to safely bring the graph to every single person in your company, putting the power of your graph in the hands of everyone who would benefit from it.

Even better, you can invite an unlimited number of your team members with a Consumer role in all plan tiers, including our Free and Team plans. Previously, Free and Teams plans only offered admin-level access to your graph, which limited the number of people who could have visibility and access to your graph.

What does the Consumer role have access to?

With the Consumer role, you can provide visibility and discoverability while preventing people from making unwanted changes. Consumers won’t be able to change any settings, see any operational data or metrics, or make any changes to your schema. These restrictions make it suitable to give out safely to anyone casually using your graph or getting started building applications against your graph. All Consumer users will have instant access to:

  • Apollo Studio Explorer, a feature-packed IDE for formulating and executing sample queries. Users can search for fields and find direct paths that can be run as queries, as well as output data in tables along with lots of other conveniences.
  • Schema reference for automated documentation of your graph’s types and operations. By registering your schema in Apollo Studio you get instant reference material for all of your users.
  • Changelog for an automated view of changes between each new schema published in the registry. Make it easy to see the evolution of your graph over time.

Inviting the Consumers to Studio

There are two ways you can invite people to be Consumers:

  1. Directly invite members, pre-assigning them the Consumer Role. This can be done from the “Members” tab of your organization’s settings page inside Apollo Studio.
  1. Create a shareable invite link, assigning the default role as Consumer. This can be done from the “Settings” tab of your organization’s settings page inside Apollo Studio.

What if I need more granular permissions?

Apollo Studio Enterprise has unlimited access to the Consumer role as well as Enterprise-only roles of Observer, Contributor, and Graph Admin, along with graph-level roles and protected variants that restrict who can make changes to production or other sensitive environments. To learn more about the Enterprise-only user permissions features visit our docs.

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Come visit our discussion thread about the new Consumer role to let us know what you think.

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Jeffrey Burt

Jeffrey Burt

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