May 16, 2017

The Apollo Team Goes to Europe!

Thea Lamkin

Thea Lamkin

It’s going to be a huge week in the GraphQL community with GraphQL Europe, the first ever European GraphQL conference! So we’re hitting the road and stopping by several cities and events to give some talks and connect with the community. We hope to see you there!

You’ll be able to find us by looking for the flashy “Ask me about GraphQL” shirts. Make sure to say hi, tell us what you’re up to, ask us any questions you have about GraphQL, and score some Apollo stickers while you’re at it!

To keep track of what we’re up to and where you can hang out with us, follow @apollographql on Twitter, or our personal accounts below!

Here’s a rundown of where we’ll be:

React Europe, Paris — May 18 & 19

Last year, React Europe was a huge conference for GraphQL, with several awesome talks about the future of GraphQL, best practices, and GraphQL clients. We’re looking forward to talking with React developers about how they are using GraphQL, and helping people get started! If you’re already excited, make sure to check out our Full-Stack GraphQL + React Tutorial.

The night before the conference, come hang out with us and other conference attendees at the bar night at The Frog!

There’s some great GraphQL content lined up:

But most importantly, come find us during the breaks and hallways, and let’s all get to know each other! Meeting people that you know from the internet in person is the best part of every conference.

GraphQL Europe, Berlin — May 21

GraphQL-Europe, organized by our friends at Graphcool (congrats on the product launch today!) is the first GraphQL conference in europe, and the second ever! Having conferences dedicated to the technology really shows that GraphQL is getting big. All of the talks are about GraphQL, so we won’t list them all here, but you should definitely read up on the full schedule. Here is what you’ll hear about from us:

Everyone else listed above from our team will be there as well! If you’re on the Apollo Slack team already, join us in the #graphql-europe channel, and you can also join the Graphcool Slack team.

GraphQL London meetup — May 24

As our last stop, we’re going to the next GraphQL London meetup, hosted at Pusher office! It starts at 6:15PM, and food and drinks are on us! If you aren’t in London, don’t worry, the talks will be recorded!

You’ll hear from Jonas about the design and development of the recently launched Apollo Client 1.0, and some other talks from people in the community!

It’s going to be an intense week, but we’re super excited about all of the people we’re going to meet and great conversations we’re going to have. Please reach out on Twitter if you have any questions or want to meet up!

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Thea Lamkin

Thea Lamkin

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