Caching & State Management with Apollo Client

State management is about caching the data you need to provide experiences for your users. Apollo Client is both a GraphQL client and a state management library. In this collection, you’ll learn how to use the latest version of Apollo Client as your single source of truth for state in client-side UI libraries like React.

  • Frontend

Apollo Client handles the tasks of fetching, caching, and normalizing your remote data. Understanding what it does and how it works under the hood lets you focus on what matters: creating great user experiences.

Khalil Stemmler
Developer Advocate

Intro to Apollo Client 3.0

On this episode of Mission Briefing, Ben Newman walks Kurt Kemple through Apollo Client 3.0! Apollo Client 3.0 introduces some excited new changes like cache policies, reactive variables, and a lot more!



In this two minute video Ben Newman and Kurt Kemple walk through how cache normalization works in Apollo Client

Ben Newman & Kurt Kemple · Frontend


In this two minute video Ben Newman teaches us what reactive variables are in Apollo Client 3.0

Ben Newman · Frontend


In this three minute video Ben Newman teaches us about type policies in Apollo Client 3.

Ben Newman · Frontend


A study of the different types of state we manage, how to think about each, and how to get them playing nicely together.

Jed Watson

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