GraphQL Tooling and Code-gen

One of the many benefits of adopting GraphQL is the ever growing eco-system of tools and services available to help you build your apps even faster. From code-gen to configuring Apollo Server, this collection has a range of tools, tips, and configuration best practices designed to boost your productivity.

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This collection is designed to help you speed up GraphQL development by providing a round up of OSS tools, training videos, and Apollo services that you can use today.

Kurt Kemple
Developer Advocate at Apollo

The Apollo CLI

The Apollo CLI provides useful commands for interacting with every component of the Apollo platform, including Apollo Client, Apollo Server, and Apollo Studio.

Backend, Frontend, Platform, Tooling


Apollo Client Devtools

This repository contains the Apollo DevTools extension for Chrome & Firefox.

Jenn Creighton · Frontend, Tooling


Apollo Extension for VS Code

The Apollo VS Code extension provides an all-in-one tooling experience for developing apps with Apollo.

Jake Dawkins · Platform, Tooling


Apollo Config API

Apollo projects are configured using an apollo.config.js file at the root of your project. Many Apollo tools leverage your Apollo config, reducing the net amount of configuration you need to do in your project in the end.

How-to, Platform, Tooling


Apollo Configuration Deep Dive

Jake Dawkins walks Kurt Kemple through the various types of Apollo projects you might encounter or need to create, and how to configure them to get the most out of Apollo Studio, Apollo tooling, and more!

Jake Dawkins & Kurt Kemple · How-to, Platform, Tooling

Blog post

Building a Portable Apollo Server Config

One of the great things about Apollo Server is that there are lots of different Node.js middleware library integrations, and thus lots of different places you can run it. However, sometimes the best way to run Apollo Server in production isn’t necessarily the best way to run it during local development or testing. For example, AWS Lambda functions […]

Ben Teese · Backend, Community, How-to


GraphQL Code Generator

GraphQL Code Generator is a tool that generates code out of your GraphQL schema. Whether you are developing a frontend or backend, you can utilize GraphQL Code Generator to generate output from your GraphQL Schema and GraphQL Documents (query/mutation/subscription/fragment).

Dotan Simha · How-to, Tooling

Blog Post

CI/CD for GraphQL

When deploying code, you want to be sure that nothing will blow up when things go live. To prevent downtime, it’s a good practice to use CI (continuous integration) to run tests, checks, and ensure your app is fully ready to hit production.

Caydie Tran · Announcement, Platform


How to Build and Run Queries in Apollo Explorer

A five minute tour of the Explorer, which is free to use in Apollo Studio!

How-to, Platform


Build and Run GraphQL Operations with the Apollo Explorer

The Explorer is a full-featured query builder and runner that’s part of Apollo Studio.

Danielle Mann · How-to, Platform, Tooling

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GraphQL for Android

Consume your GraphQL API on Android Devices with Apollo Android. Apollo Android is a GraphQL client that generates type-safe Kotlin models from your GraphQL queries. It also handles parsing and caching so you can focus on what matters most to your users and build beautiful mobile apps.

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Caching & State Management with Apollo Client

State management is about caching the data you need to provide experiences for your users. Apollo Client is both a GraphQL client and a state management library. In this collection, you’ll learn how to use the latest version of Apollo Client as your single source of truth for state in client-side UI libraries like React.

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Production Ready Graphs

Putting your data graph into production doesn’t have to be a guessing game or scary experience. This collection is composed of written and video resources focused on stability, monitoring, schema management, schema design, and best practices.

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Federation 101

It can be challenging to serve an enterprise-scale data graph with a single, monolithic GraphQL server. To keep teams productive, you can use Apollo Federation to divide your graph’s implementation across multiple composable services. Learn about federation principles, tooling, and how to implement federation.

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When building a GraphQL endpoint, you’ll probably have to face the question of how to control who can see and interact with the data in your API. This typically involves authentication (determining who you are) and authorization (determining if you have access). In this collection, we’ll cover strategies and best practices for both.

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Error Handling with Apollo

At Apollo, we’ve heard a lot of desire from GraphQL developers for more guidance on how to do error handling. Learn how to communicate errors to your client in an organized way, and open up new possibilities for tooling.

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