June 29, 2020

Graph Manager is now Studio

Danielle Man
Director of Engineering

TL;DR: We’ve renamed Apollo Graph Manager to Apollo Studio. Don’t worry, this shouldn’t break anything, but as always please let us know if you encounter an issue.

Naming things is hard! Especially when you’re naming a product that rapidly grows and evolves alongside the technology it supports. When we named Apollo Graph Manager last year, it was a tool primarily for back-end engineers who maintain a large organization’s data graph. The name matched the scope of the existing product, but it didn’t match the product we wanted it to become: a tool to help every member of every organization shape, explore, and measure their data. To us, Apollo Studio matches that vision. It feels approachable, powerful, and—most importantly—human. Members of our team who were happy to work on Graph Manager are proud to work on Studio, and that pride absolutely shines through in everything we’re building. Of course, a new name is meaningless if we don’t deliver on the vision that name represents. As our first delivery, we’re thrilled to release Studio’s new Explorer tab, which enables every member of your organization to build and run queries on your graph directly from Studio:

We’ll have a full post introducing the Explorer tab tomorrow, because there’s a lot of awesome stuff to talk about! But we figured we’d spill the beans early in case you want to get started. 😉 — There’s plenty more on the way from Apollo, so stay tuned. And as always, let us know how we can help your team build and grow your graph! Drop us a line at support@apollographql.com.

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Danielle Man


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