July 3, 2017

Launchpad is now open source

Mikhail Novikov
GraphQL Contractor
Last updated March 26, 2020

Last month we released Apollo Launchpad, a platform to prototype and demo GraphQL servers. Today we are releasing all of the code for Launchpad as open source on GitHub!

In the Apollo project, we’re committed to building valuable open source tools for GraphQL. One thing that’s new for us is building and maintaining Launchpad as an application, not a library. However, just like the open source libraries maintained by the Apollo community, we see Launchpad as a tool to benefit everyone interested in GraphQL.

We’ve already seen Launchpad be an effective tool to help people get started with GraphQL, and we want to take it to the next level.

Let’s get building!

We’ve gotten lots of feedback on how to improve and extend Launchpad in the past month. We’re going to continue to support and improve it, but we think we can go much faster with help from the community. For Launchpad to help as many people as possible, we not only need to have more pads and examples, but also new features.

In the Launchpad repository, we have created issues where we want your help. These include both new pads and features, improvements and maintenance work like better tests. We have also marked some issues as good places to start for new contributors. If you need any help or guidance about contributing to it, don’t hesitate to contact me (Mikhail Novikov) or Sashko (Sashko Stubailo) about it.

We are happy we’re able to open source Launchpad and are really excited to move it forward together with the community!

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Mikhail Novikov


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