August 17, 2022

Announcing the 2022 GraphQL Summit diversity tickets

Melissa Annecchini

Melissa Annecchini

We are thrilled to announce our diversity scholarship for GraphQL Summit 2022!

At Apollo, we are focused on building a team that is inclusive of all demographics. We want Summit to be a reflection of that and bring together all perspectives, so we can develop and learn how the supergraph needs to evolve to serve the different needs of our customers and their end customers.

A diversity ticket is a fully sponsored (read: free) ticket for an individual in an underrepresented tech group. Underrepresented groups include but are not limited to: women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, disabled people, and individuals facing economic or social hardships.

Do you qualify? If so, fill out this form by Monday, August 29th. The 30 scholarship awardees will be informed on September 2nd.

Please note that the diversity ticket does not include the cost of travel or hotel accommodations.

We’re also looking for a diversity sponsor! The scholarships are made possible in a joint effort with our sponsors. If you work at a company (or know one) that supports diversity in tech and would be interested in sponsoring the scholarship, simply drop us a line at

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Melissa Annecchini

Melissa Annecchini

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